Welcome to the Real Reading Podcast website.

We are Hugh Fort, Rachel Nemeth and Tom Canning coming to you every Friday chatting all things about our little area of Berkshire.

The podcast is available on your preferred platform, be that Apple Podcasts or Android as well as Spotify. You can download and subscribe for Apple devices here and Android users can download and subscribe here as well as searching ‘Real Reading Podcast’ on all good podcast apps.

Get in touch

Got something to say? Drop us an email us via hello@realreadingpodcast.co.uk

Find us on twitter @realreadingpod, join our facebook group or seek us out on Instagram.

Meet the team

What is the Real Reading Podcast?

In a nutshell, the Real Reading Podcast is a weekly chat about Reading in Berkshire.

But going a little deeper, it’s three people who’ve lived in the town a long time sharing their experiences (mostly) fond memories and talking to the people who make the town tick.

‘Fort Explains It All’ is a segment allows Hugh to go a little deeper on some of the more intricate goings on at both the council and in the Berkshire Live newsroom.

And the weekly interview brings aims to feature an independent business owner or prominent person in the town. We’ve had a great range of guests since 2018, from Amanda McDonnell at Launchpad to Suggs from Madness talking about his Reading gigs.

Our latest tweets

Know someone who should be on the podcast?

Know anyone who you think would be great to interview for the podcast please do let us know. The only prerequisite is that they must live or work in the the town and most importantly love Reading!

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