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Waffles, pantos and what to look forward to this year.

Episode 42 of the Real Reading Podcast is out with all the major issues covered, waffles, the Hexagon panto (even though it’s nearly mid January) and what’s coming up in the town in 2019

Rachel Nemeth, Hugh Fort and I are joined this week by Explore Reading’s Claire Slobodian who has a big list of things to do this year.

Without wishing to pop out any spoilers, Claire’s top tips for the year include expected nods to Are You Listening? Festival and Craft Theory Festival as well as a couple of little gems.

You’d hope by now after almost a full year running the same intro on the podcast, we’d be able to get through it without to much issues but for the forty second episode in a row, Hugh lets us down!

Anyway, down to business. Here’s the podcast for your listening please. If you want to take us with you, find out how to download and subscribe the Real Reading Podcast here.

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By Tom Canning

Works for Reach PLC. Chatting on the Real Reading Podcast, writing on Football in Berkshire and drinking at the Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival.

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