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Meeting Fullee Love aka Soup from Jurassic 5

All I can really say is: What. A. Guy.

On my profile on this Real Reading Podcast blog and in the bio that follows every post about the podcast on Get Reading, I describe myself as ‘not a journalist.’

I’m pretty new to interviewing people, but I like to think I come across okay. I’ve just come out of my interview though with Fullee Love (you may know him as Soup from Jurassic 5) and I’m on a bit of a high.

I was genuinely giddy with excitement when I got to interview Suggs on the phone last year, but this interview took place in the meeting room in the Gravity Personnel building – he came to us!

I’ll be the first to admit, my knowledge of Jurassic 5’s back catalogue is limited, but sometimes you can just find yourself in awe of someone.

All I can really say is: What. A. Guy.

Engaging, friendly, funny and with enough anecdotes to fill a podcast series let alone 10 to 15 minutes of Reading’s only favourite non-football podcast.

We chatted about the new project, the Fullee Love Collective but also Jurassic 5 playing the After Dark and Reading Festival and parking in Garrard Street NCP (for which I still apologise for).

The Fullee Love Collective perform on Saturday night at the Purple Turtle, supporting the Readipop 2019 festival launch party and friend of the pod Pete Wheeler was kind enough to arrange the interview.

There’s details of Saturday nights gig on the Turtle facebook page here, and take a look at the Readipop website here.

You’ll have to subscribe and listen in to the podcast (episode 43 – out Friday 18th January on all good podcast apps). If you can get past the Reading waffle from Hugh, Rachel and myself it’s a good listen!

Listen to the Fullee Love Collective on Spotify:

By Tom Canning

Works for Reach PLC. Chatting on the Real Reading Podcast, writing on Football in Berkshire and drinking at the Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival.

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