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Every guest interview there has been on the Real Reading Podcast

Can’t remember who’s been on the pod? Check our handy list.

We make that 50 individual guests so far – not counting duplicates on the Real Reading Podcast. Here is the full list.

  1. Jacob South-Klein (Bushwatch)
  2. Dan and Suze Hollister (Richfield’s Cafe)
  3. Dan Hearn (Loddon Brewery)
  4. Amanda McDonnell (Launchpad)
  5. Jess Freeland (Reading Museum)
  6. Adrian Lawson (Reading Bicycle Kitchen)
  7. Claire Slobodian (Explore Reading)
  8. Glen Dinning (Blue Collar Street Food)
  9. Alan Williamson, Matt Brown, Bayley Tustin, Ben Martin-Dye, Katie Gumbrell, Marek Pruszewicz and Simon Blunden (Reading Half Marathon runners)
  10. No Guest
  11. No Guest
  12. No Guest
  13. Guja Bandini (Abbey Gateway)
  14. Anne-Marie and Charlie Beatty (The Grumpy Goat)
  15. Pete Wheeler (Readipop)
  16. JD and Dave (Reading Beer & Cider Festival )
  17. Rhodders (Stand & Deliver Comedy Club)
  18. Pete Hefferan (Shed Cafe)
  19. Andrew and Katie (Time Trap Escape Rooms)
  20. No Guest
  21. Suggs (Madness)
  22. Chris MacLennan (The Nags Head)
  23. Steven Colazzo (Odyssey)
  24. Pete Wheeler (Readipop)
  25. Zsuzsi Lindsay (Reading Fringe Festival)
  26. No Guest
  27. No Guest
  28. No Guest
  29. Brian Wong (Crunch Comics)
  30. No Guest
  31. Becky Stevens (Reading Indie Urban Market)
  32. No Guest)
  33. Rowetta (Happy Mondays)
  34. Emile Belcourt (A2 Supplies)
  35. Dan Melville (Handy Dan’s 3D Prints)
  36. Alistair Coleman (Angry People in Local Newspapers)
  37. Mike and Luci Clayton-Jones (Double Barrelled Brewery)
  38. Duncan Andrews and Russell Clements (Hickies Music Store)
  39. Phil Eeles (Honest Burger)
  40. Amanda McDonnell (Launchpad), Claire Slobodian (Explore Reading) and Pete Penfold (Bracknell Acoustic Couch)
  41. No Guest
  42. Claire Slobodian (Explore Reading)
  43. Soup/Fullee Love (Jurassic 5)
  44. Matt Tully and John Goodman (Progress Theatre)
  45. No Guest
  46. No Guest
  47. Jonjo Warrick and Dave Maul (Are You Listening? Festival)
  48. John Luther (South Street Arts Centre)
  49. Ashley Pearce (Reading Borough Council)
  50. …..

Know someone who should join this list? Get in touch! Want to listen to the podcast? Here’s how.

By Tom Canning

Works for Reach PLC. Chatting on the Real Reading Podcast, writing on Football in Berkshire and drinking at the Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival.

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