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Reading Rock Choir, award nominated rubbish and post Covid queuing

How a choir has kept going during lockdown and why we’re proud of our rubbish

Hugh Fort, Rachel Nemeth and Tom Canning return this week with the 96th episode of the Real Reading Podcast.

The latest episode focuses on the tragic events of Saturday, June 20 that saw three people lose their lives, and how Reading has reacted to the terrible events.

There’s also a look at the news Reading and Bracknell’s rubbish tips have been put up for an award, and the important question around what you’d happily queue up for in a post Covid world now a lot of non-essential businesses are reopening.

The Big Interview

This weeks special guest interview is with Reading Rock Choir leader Lucy Hewes who discusses how she’s managed to keep things going during lockdown.

Listen to the latest episode below, or find it on your favourite podcast app by clicking here.

Being a Reading City-zen, Down At The Abbey and the breastfeeding mum told to cover up Real Reading Podcast

The Real Reading Podcast returns with Rachel Nemeth and Tom Canning here to discuss the week in Reading including a new feature: The Reading City-zen, where we ask what experiences do you need to have had to be a proper citizen of Reading.Plus, BerkshireLive's Ollie Leitelmayer joins us to talk about the breastfeeding mum who was asked to cover up in a Reading Pret, and Dave Maul calls in to talk about events and the return of Down At The Abbey Festival.STORIES:Reading Pret row as breastfeeding mum left in tears after being asked to 'cover up': At The Abbey:
  1. Being a Reading City-zen, Down At The Abbey and the breastfeeding mum told to cover up
  2. Flattening the test centre, Eurovision and Great Reading Conspiricies
  3. On the election trail, suspicious packages and an Archimedes screw
  4. Middleton. Winslet. Fletcher – The Reading Celeb Super League
  5. Pothole machines, hammer throwing and the worrying Royals accounts

By Tom Canning

Works for Reach PLC. Chatting on the Real Reading Podcast, writing on Football in Berkshire and drinking at the Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival.

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